Integrated management from source to destination. Achieving traceability and international standards

Integrated Management System

At Oibbio Resources, we create links with the local community by helping to eliminate the waste cooking oils that otherwise may be improperly handled.

With our standardised system of collection, filtration and processing system, we ensure that the handling and treatment of such waste will benefit with our integrated management system.

The starting point of our activities centres on acting to the highest global standards covering health, safety and the environment, employee rights, compliance with local and international laws, and being a partner to governments and communities.

Treatment and Filtration

By providing a world-class collection methodology and handling system, Oibbio Resources intends to be the premiere and preferred partner to local communities.

With a professionally trained team, we will provide the starting point to each country as we all transition to a more bio-circular economy.

Waste cooking oil treatment and filtration will be carefully consolidated and final product will meet the highest international standards.

Transport and Logistics

From collection point to reaching the end destination, we put our 28 years of collective management experience and heart into making sure there is no exposure to unwanted contamination along each and every part of the logistics chain.

This means choosing the right routes with integrity in compliance with local and international regulations and laws. Even if it means paying more for the assurance.

We recognise that our future prosperity can only come from creating and sharing that with our partners and community.